October 25th, 2014 - Nic Halley

Byte Magazine, 1981. Typing was always going to be problematic.


The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made.

October 23rd, 2014 - Nic Halley

Air New Zealand continue winning at this marketing lark.

Big, big deal.

October 22nd, 2014 - Nic Halley

Apple launches ‘Maps Connect’, self-service local listings portal https://mapsconnect.apple.com

It’s intended for small business owners or their authorized representatives (though not agencies) to be able to quickly and easily add content directly into Apple Maps.

The service is free and the listings (or corrected listings) appear on Apple Maps on the PC and in mobile. All users sign in with their Apple IDs and passwords. If you don’t have an Apple ID you have to create one.

via http://searchengineland.com/apple-launches-maps-connect-self-service-local-listings-portal-206349

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